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Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
daly city was killed in a police chase in pasadena. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez went to the family's neighborhood. joe. >> reporter: you can see this apartment building behind me. this is where the ing family makes their home. they were in pasadena visiting relatives on christmas day. riding in a van, police were chasing a suspect through the streets. that suspect vehicle smashed into the van and killed two cousins including 11-year-old kendrick ing. let this is a photo according to kendrick's neighbor rita, she identified him from this facebook picture. she says the boy was always involved with sports and school and that his father was devoted to his children. [ crying ] >> the dad and boy would always travel together and see them together all the time. [ crying ] >> the father was always the one taking them to school... i would see them back and forth coming from sports and then... [ crying ] >> reporter: kendrick was killed, his other three-family members were involved in that crash at least two of them are still in the hospital. police are investigating this as possibly related
Dec 26, 2012 5:00pm PST
five acts like these don't make the city safer. >> and don't be lured by those 47 mpg claims. many mileage estimates are overrated. >> the cars are not getting the fuel economy you would expect. >> the push to make estimates more accurate. >> giving back, not your time or money but your presents. we go into the mall madness to find out what gifts are going back to the stores. ,,,,,,,, decided today was the day to clean out the basement. and he found 5 and a half pounds of dynami! >>> a man who lived in a west oakland home for 30 years decided today was the day to clean out the basement. and what he found was 5.5 pounds of dynamite. at firstk he carried it all back out to his truck but then thought better of it who called police who called the bomb squad. they hauled it away but not before evacuating part of the neighborhood on 37th street. the dynamite dated back to world war ii. >>> gun buy-back programs here in the bay area are proving to be a big hit and in los angeles city leaders moved up the date of the city's annual buy back program in the wake of the newtown school shootin
Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm PST
they say were involved in a high-speed police chase that ended up killing an 11- year-old daly city boy. the l.a. county district attorney says the suspects a man and woman in their early 20s threw a loaded gun out of their car before slamming into a minivan in pasadena on christmas night. 11-year-old kendrick ing was killed along with his 25-year- old cousin. the family was down in l.a. for christmas and had just left an ice rink. >>> as 2012 closes oakland's murder rate hit 130. three people were killed just last night. a 21-year-old and a 19-year-old were shot to death. and in a separate attack, a man was stabbed. >>> along the coast 14-foot waves have prompted a high surf advisory from point reyes down to san mateo county. the surf is going to be up until late tomorrow night. >>> and there used to be a certain code on the streets. vandals wouldn't touch a mural. but now graffiti vandals have hit murals all over san francisco from north beach to davisidero to the mission. one artist involved with the mission's clarion alley mural project says 2012 has been the worst year since he sta
Dec 24, 2012 5:00pm PST
with like science experiments. >> eye on the bay produce california cities sandra murray -- producer sandra murray discovered it while doing a news segment. forget about rush delivery. simply email or print the ecard and your gift is ready to go. >> by creating electricity from the heat of the fire it can charge your phone, light or other gadgets. >> it gain popularity following hurricane sandy enabling those without power to charge their phone without fire. it is also back ordered and comes with a ding staff gift tag for last minute holiday orders. and, finally, like a juicer but better. justed a frozen bananas and you have a healthy snack with no sugar, milk or added calories. it was a hit in the newsroom. now, it cost about 50 bucks. target stays open until 9:00. so, rush out and grab it now if you want it. >>> if the weather keeps up we will need one of those bio lights. >> reporter: we have a lot of nasty weather. calmer weather towards christmas. outside, the south bay, our view, we had a mostly sunny day. the beautiful bay bridge on christmas eve. these are your temperatures outside
Dec 25, 2012 5:00pm PST
and the appearance of what is called boil in the city by adds concerns. >> we know what to look for and we can keep a look >> reporter: rest didn't appreciate the e at that sand bags but would like a permanent solution to the flooding problem. >> does mean something but it's kind of i'll be right back trying to heal a wound that's already been cut. you know. they could have done something preventive, they have not done anything influential to let us know that we're already safe. the creek also runs through san francisco park and palo alto. in palo alto, crews sets up sand bags. back in east palo alto, all residents can do is watch the rain forecast for tonight. back to a live picture here at bay here is road, the flood stage is 15 feet. we checked the water gauge a short time ago. the creek is only running at 3 feet right now so there is no danger. but with the heavy rains just beginning a little bit to the north of us, obviously, that's a waiting game right here now to see what happens to this creek later tonight. back to you. >> thanks, mark. >>> now to north of the gold en gate to cbs 5 reporter
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5